Recent Land Projects

Piper Lane – 6 Acres Completing the Preservation of Great Hill

Great Hill is an oasis of open space and trails in the heart of Acton.  Its magnificent open field and pond with surrounding woods and trails is an unbroken piece … Read more

Grassy Pond West

(10.9 Acres along Grassy Pond and Newtown Road) Purchased with a combination of Community Preservation Funds and donations from private citizens. This spectacular property comprises nearly 25% of the shoreline … Read more

The Central Street Land at Heath Hen Meadow Brook

Entrance to the Heath Hen Meadow Brook Conservation Land(12 Acres abutting Mt. Hope Cemetery) Purchased with a combination of Community Preservation Funds, donations from private citizens and a gift from … Read more

Wright Hill (14 Acres) in West Acton

Originally known as Mead Farm, this extraordinary property is one of the highest point in Acton.  In an outstanding example of Neighborhood Advocacy, the neighbors formed the “Wright Hill Association” … Read more

The Dunn Land (6.5 Acres in Acton and 24 Acres in Stow

This property, which spans the Acton – Stow line completes a significant protected land corridor, and will give the public access to a spectacular area adjacent to the Heath Hen … Read more

The Anderson Land (20 Acres) on Newtown and Arlington Roads

ACT initiated this project to preserve a significant parcel adjacent to the Bulette  Conservation area. This project was financed by the Community Preservation Fund.

The Gaebel Land (5 Acres) at Great Hill

ACT initiated this project and worked with the Acton Community  Preservation Committee (CPC) for funding.  We now hold and monitor a conservation restriction on this property.

The Department of Correction Farmlands on Route 2 (107 Acres in Acton)

ACT worked with the Sudbury Valley Trustees and the Concord Conservation Land Trust to secure Commonwealth open-space protection for these lands along Route 2 in 2008.   The portion of land … Read more

The Groener Land (12 Acres) by the Nagog Conservation Land

The 12 acres augment the adjacent 158 acre Nagog Hill Conservation, and lies within the watershed of the Nashoba Brook. It preserves many natural and man-made features that contribute to … Read more

The Kingman Pasture (6.5 Acres), on Esterbrook Road

ACT holds and monitors a permanent conservation easement on this open pasture land.