About Us

The Acton Conservation Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental organization devoted to the preservation of open space in Acton. As a land trust, we can hold permanent conservation easements, accept gifts of land, accept tax-deductible gifts to be used for open space preservation, and purchase land for conservation purposes. We also provide education to landowners about various options for preservation. ACT is one of more than 140 such organizations in Massachusetts, and is a member of the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition and the national Land Trust Alliance. Founded in 1962, ACT has 8 trustees and over 300 member families.

Prior to 1998, ACT was focused on recycling and other conservation activities, but since 1998, efforts have been re-directed toward actively pursuing land protection, In this short time, ACT has participated in the protection of over 235 acres of open space in Acton, including 8 conservation restrictions held or co-held by ACT, and the purchase of land in the Heath Hen Meadow Brook area. Once ACT acquires a property or a conservation restriction on property, it is never relinquished. Although not a government agency, ACT works actively on issues of land protection with Town Committees and Boards, such as the Community Preservation Committee and the Open Space Committee.

In acting to preserve open space, ACT works with private landowners to seek ways to preserve their cherished land. As Acton becomes more and more developed, conservation opportunities are rapidly diminishing, so when preservation is possible, ACT uses every tool available to protect our most important remaining open spaces. In addition ACT pursues its goals of conserving and maintaining land through educational programs, seasonal walks and public outreach.

ACT is funded entirely by annual membership dues and donations by members and friends. Contributions of any size are always welcome, and are fully tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.