Pratt’s Brook Nature Walk

On June 10, 2023, our favorite storyteller and naturalist, “Boot” Boutwell led us on a spring nature walk in Pratt’s Brook Conservation Land, assisted by ACT’s Leona Burgess. Boot shared a great poem on how a lush lawn used to be a sign of riches, and weeds a sign of poverty, but how wonderful “weeds” are for bees and other wildlife. A weed really is just a plant where you don’t want it, so the writer concludes that they don’t have any weeds in their yard, therefore they must be very rich.

He also shared Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “First Fig” about a candle burning at both ends to help us remember how to identify New York ferns (leaves taper smaller at both ends) and New Yorkers always burn their candles at both ends. Leona commented that she really appreciates how Boot teaches in a way that’s accessible and filled with mnemonic devices.

Andy Bodge of ACT also attended, and noted that Boot has groupies!

Thanks to Leona and Andy for the terrific photos! Click here for a plant list.