Member Appreciation Astronomy Evening

To show appreciation for our wonderful members, we partnered with Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston for an Evening of Astronomy. The night was a big success, although initial cloud cover suggested otherwise. Luckily, we were able to see some celestial objects through “sucker holes” before the clouds thinned and then completely cleared out at 6:30! Besides a bright half moon, we were treated to views of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Orion Nebula, star clusters, an orange giant, blue dwarf binary star, as well as the Andromeda Galaxy, among others.

While we waited for high clouds to clear, we had some wonderful social time at NARA on the Recreation Department’s “deck,” enjoying homemade chili and cornbread. Hot beverages were especially welcome as the evening wore on and it got quite cold. Hand warmers, anyone? Joe’s chocolate chip cookies were in demand and quite delicious.

Many thanks to Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston club members for sharing their scopes and expertise with us. Special thanks to Rich Nugent of ATMoB who helped coordinate the event.