Growing the ACT Board of Trustees

Are you interested in preserving open space in Acton?  

While Acton has the benefit of many acres of open space, some prized undeveloped parcels in Acton are not yet protected.  We encourage those interested in open space preservation in Acton to join with like minded citizens as a board member of the Acton Conservation Trust to make a difference for this and future generations.

Acton Conservation Trust is your local, non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving open space in Acton.  We are led by a dedicated all-volunteer Board of Trustees and we are looking for residents of Acton to join our Board.  The work of the Board is varied and no previous land preservation experience is required.

Here are some of the skills and expertise you could bring to a role on the ACT Board of Trustees:

Publicity – Creating a comprehensive plan including social media, web presence, newsletter, events and other efforts to drive awareness of ACT and its mission.

Membership – Create an outreach plan to increase the ACT membership base to more fully represent the citizens of Acton.

Fundraising – Create plans for raising resources to support ACT’s mission, particularly in support of land acquisition projects. Includes partnering with other organizations and potential grant writing.

Stewardship – For the 10 properties where ACT holds a conservation restriction, administer an annual monitoring plan involving walking the land to identify prohibited uses, locating property bounds and noting interesting plant and animal activity.

Volunteer Coordinator – Serve as a clearing house for connecting those interested in volunteering to support ACT with various tasks to be performed to support an all-volunteer organization.

Acton Conservation Trust exists through the generosity of its members and donors, as well the efforts of its volunteers, including the Board of Trustees.  For more information on our efforts, please visit our website at

If you are interested in bringing your energy and skills to the ACT Board, please contact Susan Mitchell-Hardt at