Grassy Pond Nature Walk

We had a nice group who joined us for Sunday’s Nature Walk at Grassy Pond West! The walk of this beautiful and biodiverse land just off Newtown Road was led by Boot Boutwell, a freelance itinerant naturalist who teaches and leads nature walks for Mass. Audubon and the New England Wild Flower Society among others. Grassy Pond is a kettle-hole pond formed by the retreat of the last glacier. It exhibits bog characteristics (very wet/highly acidic) around its perimeter, and is home to a number of wetland loving plants such as leatherleaf, highbush blueberry, pitcher plants, red maple, and tamarack. There were two boardwalks to keep us high and dry – one running through the pond-shore bog and a second going out into the pond. The walk focused on plant ID as well as fun and interesting natural history.

The walk was led by Boot Boutwell, our favorite naturalist and storyteller.
Boot is reading us one of several seasonal poems – Grassy Pond in the background.
White Wood Aster – the yellow center turns red after pollination by insects who remove their nectar.
The Winterberry is a host plant for Henry’s Elfin butterfly and attracts other pollinators. It was in great abundance along the spectacular boardwalk.