549 Main Street Walk

On January 8, 2023, we partnered with Acton Water District and the Conant Family for two cold but sunny tours of 549 Main Street. Approximately 60 people joined the tours, and heard of the historical significance of the land, as well as the Water District’s efforts to place wells on the property as additional sources of town water. Our walk started and ended at the entrance to the well complex in Acton Center. After following a utility right of way uphill about 90′, we turned onto the historic Isaac Davis Trail, one of the last remaining segments of the Acton Minutemen line of march. Making our way through the woods, we emerged on the meadow at the end of Brook Street. We learned about glacial till soil and bedrock, and how ground water makes its way through each. We saw test wells and learned about different flow rates. We next walked along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail to gain views of Nashoba Brook. Finally, we walked past the new water treatment plant and well field.

Over the next several months, Acton has a unique opportunity to permanently protect the natural, historical, and water resources this property offers to the community after generations of ownership in the same family. Many thanks to Matt Mostoller and Alexandra Wahlstrom of Acton Water District, Brewster Conant for hydrogeology information, and Phoebe Conant for historical information about the land, the Conant farmhouse, and the town.