Spring Bird Walk 2023

Al Sgroi led our Spring Bird walk on Tuesday, May 16, capably assisted by JoAnne Sgroi and Ron Schlegel. We met at the Stoneymeade Conservation Land trail head (also a section of the Bay Circuit Trail) and walked through woods, listening to ovenbirds calling and watching tiny brown creepers move through the trees, until breaking out into open meadow. Heading down hill to a small pond, we spotted barn swallows swooping over the field, a green heron flying from pond to tree top, a red-tailed hawk soaring overhead, and a yellow warbler posing on the end of a bare branch. Continuing through the meadow we once again entered a wooded section of the trail and were treated to sightings of a gray catbird and a brown headed cowbird.

In all, we were able to observe 41 species. Click here to view the entire list!

Al explained that he uses the Merlin Sound ID app (by Cornell Labs) on his phone to listen to birdsong and help identify which species to look for. If you haven’t tried this app, it’s a fantastic gateway to beginning birding. Along with binoculars, of course!

Thanks to everyone for helping make this a fantastic morning!