Governance of the Acton Conservation Trust

The Acton Conservation Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that can hold permanent conservation easements, accept gifts of land, accept tax-deductible gifts to be used for open space preservation and purchase land for conservation purposes.  We also provide education to landowners about various options for preservation. The bylaws of the Corporation can be found here: ACT Bylaws

ACT is one of more than 140 such organizations in Massachusetts, and is a member of the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition and the national Land Trust Alliance. 

The Trust  is governed by a Board of Trustees of ACT who are elected each year at the
Annual Meeting (typically held in March just prior to Acton Town Meeting). The officers of the
Trust are elected annually by the Board at that same meeting. 

      For  2017 - 2018 The Trustees are:

Susan Mitchell-Hardt             369-9264


Joe Cooney                            369-1410                

            Vice President
Hart Millett                             621-8478


David Hardt                            369-9264


            Lana Finn                         508-439-4547

Linda McElroy                        263-1579

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